Born and raised a Canadian from Ontario, and accompanying himself on Cittern, Brad performs traditional folk music from Canada and the British Isles His repertoire includes not only songs from Canadian history but also versions of songs and tunes from the British Isles that were brought over with colonists in the19th Century.

Canada is the largest country in the Commonwealth and has a very rich cultural heritage that is often overlooked. Along with these songs and tunes, Brad’s performances include anecdotes of Canadian history and folklore.

Brad is the founder and Artistic Director of the Mill Race Folk Society in Cambridge, Ontario and has been organizing a traditional music festival, pub sessions and concerts since 1993. He was recently awarded the Queen Elizabeth 11 Diamond Jubilee medal for his contribution to his community.

He performed with Canadian based group Tethera at the Bromyard and Fylde Folk Festivals in 2011. Recent appearances were at the 2013 Burnham on Sea Folk Festival with the Stroud based band, Cotillion and a solo performance at the inaugural Stroud Folk Festival in that year.

He is currently recording with:


& Canada based

Hunter’s Corners